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Accent Wall Ideas: Include Art, a Mirror, or a Favorite Color in Your Design

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March 31, 2018
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When you’re working on the interior design of your home or small business, you have a number of paths you can follow, depending on your personal taste and the message you’re trying to convey to visitors or customers. This holds true for each room, naturally, and for each wall in the room. One of the ways you can make an individual statement and present your message or establish your atmosphere is with an accent wall.

For the boldest of statements, you could try something that many people would consider “too much.” Individual homeowners and business owners have used exquisite artwork, either one large painting or several smaller framed prints. This is also a good idea for that wall along one side of your stairway. Your personal preference will show in the type of art you select. As you browse through image ideas, keep in mind that this is what your guests and potential customers will see each time they enter that room.

Mirror? Art?

These are just two of the great ideas for an accent wall. A mirror might work very well in an entry area, especially if the mirror reflects attractive items on the ceiling, such as a chandelier. This idea might also be used to reflect items on an opposite wall or to give the appearance of more color and more space. You’ll also find that you can use paint of a neutral hue in many rooms as long as you balance this with something a bit bolder on an accent wall.

If you have three primary walls of beige or tan, you might want to select a bold color for the wall opposite the doorway or the surface behind a seating area. It’s probably not a good idea to distract your guests with a color that’s too strong when artwork is displayed. You also have to consider the atmosphere you want to create: softer colors for a relaxed feel or bold, aggressive colors for a room in which your family members and guests will be active.


If you have decided to draw attention to your accent wall with paint alone, you’ll want to take a bit of extra time to choose the right type of paint. One of the words you’ve probably heard, “sheen,” will be very important when choosing what to put on this wall. Keep overall look and feel in mind when selecting oil or latex paint, of course, but also think about the fact that it’s easier to clean brushes and other equipment after painting with latex paint. You will also find that the latex surface is easier to paint over if you decide to change the color of your accent wall. You might want to reserve oil-based paints for trim work and for the baseboard, though this is a matter of personal choice.

You’ll also save time (waiting time) if you use latex paint because oil-based paints take longer to dry. This is also an important choice when you must think about sheen. If you select paint with a higher sheen, the cracks and other imperfections in an older wall will probably show up. This is a time when you might want to use a flat paint. If the accent wall is in a bathroom or other moist area, a semi-gloss will repel water a bit better than other types.

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