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For Appearance and Feel: Carefully Choose Exterior Color for Your Home

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If you’re similar to some individuals, you have a difficult time understanding why color is important. Even if you don’t understand why, you certainly know that the choice of color for clothing, your car, or the paint on your house is important. When you’re thinking about painting the exterior of your home, you may want to start by learning about bit more about why the color you select is important. To gain this knowledge, take a few minutes to learn about subjects such as color and marketing a business.

In simple terms, the vast majority of shoppers make decisions based on emotion and on the visual factors of a product. People also make judgements subconsciously about a person or a product in a matter of seconds with much of the assessment based on color first and foremost. With this important information in mind, consider how important the exterior color of your home will be to you, to family members, and to those who approach the home to visit.

For You

The color that you select for the outside of your home should be one that you like a lot and one that you’ll be comfortable with for a long time. It’s important to consider color if you are going to put your house on the market sometime in the near future. When you are getting ready to sell, focus on traditional colors and neutral colors. If you select something too bright, too much “outside the lines,” you may discourage potential buyers. What you might want to aim for is something that’s inviting, warm.

Many professional painters suggest a low-lustre paint finish because it will hide small imperfections in the surface. Semi-gloss finish cleans up well and is a good choice when the paint has to stand up to the elements all year. It’s also important to get the best look for your paint by checking the appearance in the right light. A paint chip might not be the best way to make this choice.

You could buy a small amount of your color and put a small spot on each side of the house. Check the appearance at different times of day to determine how it looks in different light. You should make sure of your color choice while considering how it works with or complements roofing or brick, for example.

Contrast, Trim

You should also try for at least two or three shades, carefully selected and placed in the right places on the home. For example, a dark green or grey will give an outstanding appearance with cream-colored window trim and porch railings. A color that is “almost” yellow but is closer to a caramel or gold will be a great choice for certain styles of homes. You may want to offset this with dark trim to achieve an inviting look.

Some people like very bright colors but these should be used carefully for reasons mentioned earlier. You could be limiting your potential market if you’re planning to sell. Why not go with a rich brown that is approaching a stone beige? You can combine this with cedar hues and white window and door trim to get the contrast that you want.

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