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Professional Painters for Bothell WA

Rite Painting are the professional painting contractors/painters serving Bothell WA. When it is time to paint you are faced with some tough choices. You can do it yourself, which entails a huge time and labor commitment or you can take the easy way out and pay one of the leading painting companies serving Bothell WA. Everyone that chooses the latter remarks that they are glad they chose to have a professional do the job. Of course, you do not want to choose just any professional, you want to choose the professional that is at the top of the field.

Rite Painting = Painting Done Right!

We take pride in every project. We do not take short cuts because that would cut back on the quality of the results and that is never acceptable to us. We make sure that your room is prepped right, including making any sheet rock repairs, always use high quality paint and equipment and make sure we leave the place spotless. We do things the “rite” way which has helped us to build a strong positive reputation with our clients.

Why Stress?

Painting is a necessity to maintain the value of your property and to ensure it looks its best but that does not mean you must stress over it. When you contact Rite Painting we will:

  • Book an appointment for a free estimate
  • Provide you with a fair price for the job
  • Talk to you about finishes and colors and help you choose

We know that your time is valuable so we never leave you sitting around waiting for us. We stick to our appointment schedule. If you book with us you can depend on the fact that we will show up at your property in Bothell WA on time as scheduled and get the job done when we promise to! Contact us today to set your appointment for a free estimate!