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Color Trends for 2017 Garage Doors

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As with anything else, garage doors go through a range of trends. Those trends affect the most common colors and styles that are used in homes that are having new garage doors installed. In 2017, the trends are following other sectors of the economy and style shifts. There are concerns about environmental impact and energy efficiency. Also, the trend has been towards statement pieces and larger garage doors. In the past, garage doors were typically available in the same color as the house or in a neutral color. That has all changed.

Statement Pieces

The trend towards statement pieces is one that leads people to choose more innovative and exciting colors for their garage doors. These colors are often in direct contrast with the colors of their homes. For example, if you have a red brick home, a statement garage door could be available in something vibrant such as blue or green. You should avoid straying too far away from the color of your home unless it is a complementary color. A yellow house is well complemented by a green or a blue garage door, for example. Some people have even chosen to move towards garage doors in multiple colors.

A roll-up garage door comes in many different segments. Some garage doors being produced in 2017 involve painting each panel a different color. These are just some of the ways that homeowners are making statements with their garage doors. Sometimes, in contrast with the idea of making a statement, the homeowners are concerned with energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

Every color affects the way that your garage door absorbs or repels heat. In very warm climates, many homeowners are choosing glossy paint finishes in bright colors. Bright white or some similar colors are great at reflecting light; therefore, they also reflect heat. That will keep your garage several degrees cooler when it’s in direct sun. In cooler climates, the more popular colors are darker colors. Darker colors absorb light and therefore absorb heat. That will help you create a warmer garage when the temperature starts to drop during the winter.

Those are not just about keeping a garage a more comfortable temperature; they will also reduce the amount of money that you spend on your heating and cooling bills.

Glossy Paint

Glossy paint is becoming more popular for both of the previously stated reasons. Glossy paint forms a shimmering finish on a garage door. That will help your garage door make more of a statement; it will also help you control the amount of light being reflected by your garage door’s paint.


As the 2017 trend of including imaginative materials continues, so does the trend of framing them in different colors. Many people are choosing windows and inlays in their garage doors. Often, these are painted a different color from the rest of the garage door. That adds a pop of color to an otherwise monotone garage door. If you want a dark garage door to help insulate your garage, a pop of white around the window frames could break up the monotony.

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