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Choosing the paint color for the exterior of your home is something a lot of thought should be put into, and if you keep in mind what is popular and trendy, it will be even easier to pick the right color for the exterior of your home. Since most paint lasts for a very long time, it is important to find something you love, and there are numerous ways to view the look you are considering, including the Internet, so you can feel comfortable about your final decision. Below are some of the trendier colors that are gaining in popularity.

Black and White Are Beautiful

An all-black house may sound a little boring, but once you see it, you’ll understand why so many people are choosing this color. A black home accentuates your home’s structural features, and it can also make a home look smaller, which means this color option is best for contemporary homes that have a lot of natural light and windows.

In contrast but along the same train of thought, choosing to paint your home all white gives it a striking look as well as a very classic feel, but like many other colors, not all whites are alike. Because of this, you may need help from a home-improvement expert in order to get the right shade of white for your home, and keep in mind that the undertones of that color need to be taken into consideration as well.

Sticking with the Basics

A cream-colored exterior with accents of French grey on permanent fixtures like shutters and door or window trim creates a truly stunning look that everyone will notice. The only thing you’ll want to be careful with is to make sure the shades of grey and cream complement one another, and you can get assistance with making this decision if you speak to an expert in a home-improvement store.

Another “basic” alternative that is sure to make your home stand out is to use grey paint with white trim. Grey is subtle and gives your home a strong character feel, and it should easily stand the test of time. Grey with white trim also looks good on homes of all sizes and designs, and you never have to worry about the type of landscaping or other items sitting in your yard, because grey and white match everything.

Light and Dark Grey Go Together Well

A home that is painted light grey and trimmed in dark grey looks extraordinary, and if you are hesitant for the black-on-black look but still prefer darker colors, this combination may be just what you’re looking for.

Make Your Front Door Stand Out

A home that has a door in a color that contrasts with the rest of the home is still as trendy as ever, and you can try a combination such as red or burgundy doors with white paint. In fact, once you decide on a light color for your home’s exterior, you can paint the door in a variety of contrasting colors to make the home stand out, including various shades of red and maroon, blue, and even pine green, because as long as the colors contrast, people will be sure to notice your home.

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