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How does Rite Painting protect a Bellevue client’s home furnishings while an interior painting job is being done?

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We get this question a lot. People are naturally concerned that their forty-thousand-dollar grand piano won’t be damaged by a five-thousand-dollar interior painting project. And our answer is that, after hundreds – perhaps now thousands – of interior painting projects we’ve done in the Seattle, Bellevue and general Eastside area, we know how to protect everything before we ever start.

The four stages of a good painting project

Color selection and planning

Few painting companies these days include this part of the process in the project. They expect you to go find your colors and paint types – although most will recommend certain paint brands and types over others to suit the project at hand – and this often leads to problems. For instance, colors tend to look more intense when an entire room is covered with it. Perhaps it’s like the difference between a spoonful of spice curry, and a whole plate of it. If it’s a bold color, you run the risk of not really knowing what it’s really going to look like when the project is finished.

A neighbor of mine painted his house blue. I don’t know who chose the color, but I can only believe he was unhappy with the finished project. Every time I drove past his house – and I’m pretty sure everyone else thought the same – the house ‘jumped’ out at me, and reminded me to always be careful at the color planning stage.

You can hire a designer to help you choose the right color or colors, and if you live in a five-million-dollar home, that might make sense, but for most home owners, having the color planning included in the service makes a lot of sense. At Rite Painting, we have helped hundreds – maybe thousands – of families choose the right color and paint for their home. We’ve gotten the hang of it!

Last word on color selection is, don’t wait until the night before the project begins. Most painting contracting companies book a number of projects over at least another month or two, so if you miss the project start time, you may lose your slot – at least with that contracting company – and perhaps have to wait until the next available season. Have the colors all picked out weeks before the project starts. It also gives you a chance to sleep on the color selection before the first can is ever prised open!

Project area preparation and protection

The second stage is covering everything that can’t be removed from the room (or rooms) while the painting is in progress. If it’s a grand piano that had to be dismantled and assembled when it first arrived in your home, it will most likely have to be covered with protective sheets. On the other hand, many small furnishing can be moved to another room temporarily.

Something always has to be covered. It might be the carpet, doors and trip, or windows and window frames. We know from experience that this stage – when it’s done properly – makes it easier to do the painting itself. When you know the room is protected, you’ve got less to worry about.

Depending on the time of year, we always like to have good ventilation while the painting is being done. Even though there’s no lead anymore in paint products for the home, paint still can give off fumes. There’s nothing better than fresh air, so we like to keep windows to the outside open, and where possible, create an airflow that takes air from the room to the outside, thereby bringing with it any paint fumes that may occur. It’s also a safer environment for our employees!

Masking tape is an indispensable tool for this project stage. It sticks to what it needs to stick to, but not so well that it destroys a surface when being peeled away after the project. Still, where windows are being painted, door frames and edges everywhere, masking tape allows the painting step to take place worry-free.

Where there are accents in door wells, window frames of a different color, and perhaps a white ceiling to sit over beige colored walls, having all the masking done properly, followed by a double-checked ‘painting by numbers’ job means the whole project with be as predictable as possible.

We’ve seen home projects where old newspapers were used to (mostly) cover the carpets, but newspapers are porous, which means if there is even a minor spill, you are likely to find some of it reaching your carpet. We use professional grade paining project covers. They are an investment at the beginning, but we can use them over and over.

The painting itself

When the first two stages are complete, the painting stage can occur essentially risk free. Our painting staff respond well when they know exactly what they have to do: paint.


We believe that there should be no sign of ‘work’ after a project, other than the painting of course!

When all the drop cloths are fold up and taken away, and the masking tape is carefully removed from the entire project area, the original preparation and attention to details really pays off. Cleanup is a breeze because we took care during the first and second stages. In fact, I personally always find it incredibly rewarding to do that cleanup stage, as the fruits of our labor emerge for our client to see for the first time.

For our own sake, we like to protect our brushes and containers, so cleaning everything thoroughly after each day helps us protect our investment in the best equipment available on the market. Well taken care of brushes and equipment enable us to do a great job again the next day, and the next and the next project months from now.

Cleanup is easy when the preparation is done properly. My wife tells me, it’s the same with cooking. I can believe that!

In closing, I’ll just say that, because we guarantee every inch of our work, we take careful steps to protect all of each client’s property. We break it – we make good.

Right now is the time to book for interior painting projects, as the warm mornings are numbered in the half dozen. Call us to ask about exploring that interior painting project you’ve been putting off. We’ve done thousands of rooms in hundreds of homes in the Puget Sound. We know we can help you, too!

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