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How to Choose Wall Paint Finishes for a Beautifully Painted Room in Duvall

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October 10, 2023

In choosing to paint a room in your home, it’s tempting to focus only on the wide variety of color choices available. But it’s also important to know what kind of paint finish best matches your preferences and your needs. Here are three things to think about as you consider which wall paint to pick.

Consider The Condition of Your Walls

Minor flaws in the surface of your wall become increasingly noticeable the glossier the paint used to cover them. Paints labeled flat or matte help keep small blemishes from standing out. This kind of paint generally requires fewer coats for full coverage, too.

Look At How Often You Wash the Walls

Not all paints stand up to getting washed equally well. For interior rooms where you’ll want to wash the walls, such as in your kitchen, pick a satin finish, at least. 

Determine Whether Temperature and Moisture Is a Concern

Satin paint also resists mold and mildew better than other flat or eggshell finishes, so it’s good for rooms where heat and humidity will be higher, like bathrooms.

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