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How to Paint a Room Quickly and Problem-Free

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Did you ever start an indoor house painting project in Kenmore, WA with high expectations? You plan to get done within a few hours, but once you start, you run into all kinds of unexpected problems. This happens to the inexperienced painter often, but there are some simple things you can do to speed up the process without sacrificing quality. Here are some helpful tips from your local painting contractors serving the Puget Sound area.

Roller Prep

Your paint pros at Rite Painting always prep the surfaces but did you know new paint rollers need prepping too? To make sure they have no lint on them, use a vacuum or something sticky like masking tape to the nap. This helps to eliminate imperfections in the paint.

Loading the Roller

You do not want too much or too little paint on the roller. This is why many professional painters roll the roller into the paint until it is about half-way loaded. They then pull it out and roll it in again. This helps to put an even amount of paint on the roller.

You May Need Something Larger Than a Paint Tray

Paint trays work well for small areas, but if you have an entire room to paint, you might try using a bucket. Use a container large enough to hold your paint screen, and you do not have to keep reloading a tray.

Quality Matters

If you expect great results with bargain-basement rollers and brushes, you are probably in for some disappointment. Spend the extra money to get the best painting tools you can. They do a better job and are easier to use than cheap equipment.

Fastest and Simplest Solution

If you want the fastest and best results, call us today at 206-229-8313 about an estimate for your painting project. We do all the work, and you receive satisfaction guaranteed services.

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