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Kids Bathroom Ready for a Fresh Coat of Paint?

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June 20, 2018
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July 25, 2018

Is it time for you to give your kids’ bathroom a bit of an upgrade? Giving their bathroom a fresh, fun paint job is a great way to turn this space into the perfect place to start and end their day. Here are some cool and colorful ideas that will have your kids wanting to stay in the bath for longer than ever before.

Play up the Nautical Theme

Marine themes and bathrooms often go hand in hand so why not take that idea and run with it for your child’s bathroom? Find a great light blue and a quick stencil that will help you create a wave pattern along the walls, keeping the top half or quarter white as a contrast. Then find some fun decorative wall stickers that your kids will have a blast helping you put up. Find a cool sea-themed shower curtain and bath mats and you’ll be ready to go.

Chalkboard Paint

If you’re looking for a great paint idea that you can make work for years to come, then chalkboard paint is a good choice for you. Not only does this give your kids’ bathroom a safe and fun artistic outlet for them to play in but you can have it change with their personalities as they grow up, saving you from having to completely redecorate later on. By giving your children a place to draw and create, you’ll inspire them to try out new things and develop their own sense of style. You can watch as their tastes mature over time.

Homage to a Favorite Cartoon

If your children have a favorite show or cartoon, then turning your bathroom into an homage to it is a great way to let your kids feel that the bathroom is really theirs. If they’re into Mickey Mouse, for example, painting the walls red with white and black trim is a great first step. If you’re feeling really creative, you could even buy Mickey-shaped stencils that you and your children could paint over together, letting them get involved in the remodeling process too. You can then emphasize this theme by investing in Mickey-themed items such as soap dispensers, trash bins, and bath mats to really bring the whole look together.

Keep it Colorful

Kids love bright, exciting colors and going with a rainbow-themed bathroom is a great way to emphasize fun. Grab a ruler, some painter’s tape, and a handful of your children’s favorite colors and start going around the room with even lines giving a rainbow effect. If you’re not that into rigidity, then using an old shirt to dab out an ombre effect might be more your style. Keep the theme going with different-colored bathroom accessories that your children will love.

Redoing the paint in your children’s bathroom is a great way to let them feel a connection with the space. Personalize it so that your kids will love starting and ending their days in a bathroom all their own.

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