Rite Painting - How Long Does It Take To Paint The Interior Home?

How long does it take Rite Painting to paint the interior of an entire home in Kirkland?

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April 5, 2017
How long does it take Rite Painting to paint the interior of an entire home in Kirkland?
April 23, 2017

How long does it take Rite Painting to paint the interior of an entire home in Kirkland?

The biggest factor in determining how long an interior painting project takes is the number of people doing the actual painting. There are other elements to the project, but doubling the number of people actually applying paint to surfaces almost halves the time it takes to do the paint work. It doesn’t exactly halve the time because the more people working on a project, the more time is lost by people getting in each other’s way and thus, reducing productivity and delaying the project.

Prep takes time up-front, but reduces painting time

You might have heard the old adage, a halt to sharpen one’s tools is not time wasted. I may not have gotten the words exactly right, but it means being fully prepared to do an excellent job reduces the time taken, and may result in a superior finish.

One big reason prep time is – it could well be argued – the most important stage of any painting project is, the better it is done, the easier the actual painting is when you move to that stage. For example, let’s say you were a bit sloppy with the masking tape during the prep stage. Perhaps some of the areas you wanted to protect, therefore, were not fully covered. By the time you are working near those exposed areas with your paint brush, you have to slow down to make sure you don’t get any paint on the would-be protected area. It slows you down and it also results in the possibility of paint getting where you don’t want it. The same goes for furniture, fixtures, carpets and everything else in the room. A thoroughly prepared room makes it a joy for the person doing the actual painting.

Another factor in how long a paint project takes is people and pets. It’s clearly better to have an empty house when the work is being done. Aside from safely reasons – you don’t want a heavy can of paint to fall on a kid’s head while the project is in progress – but just from the practicality of it all, kids running and screaming underfoot will distract the painters and therefore increase the chances of mistakes and delays. A pet dog, for example, might become protective of his family and attack a worker. The dog might simply knock over a ladder or decide that a paint roller is some alien invasion force. It is best to keep pets and people – especially kids – away from the project while it is in progress.

In many cases, an entire interior of a house can, in fact, be done in a single day, but having a couple of days does very much make the project more manageable. It allows for each room to ber taken in turn, examined for touch-ups, and ‘wrapped up’ before moving to the next room. It also allows the people living in the house to move furniture and fittings to a completed room while the painters work on the next one.

Time of year affects duration of painting project

In the summer, it’s easier for people to move outside their home while the work is in progress. Another great aid to the painting process is broad daylight. Interior lights, of course, are essential to the work, but if you paint a room outside of daylight hours, you might find that unforgiving strength of broad daylight will show up some areas that didn’t get enough paint. Methodical and experienced painters are less prone to such variations, but it does take less concentration when the light is better.

Still, you might not have the choice of time of year, and it’s certainly easier to secure a painting contractor in the winter months than in the summer.

Experience counts when it comes to painting

Like almost any skill in life, painting gets better the more someone does it. After you have painted several hundred houses, you will have made all the mistakes you can ever make, and that skill and experience pays off in several way. The work takes less time, and it’s a better finish.

Color selection can take considerable time

Some people have a natural eye for color selection. They can look at a paint color catalog and visualize accurately what a color will look like in a room. No matter how good someone is at that visualization, context and coverage can make a color look quite different once the paint is in place. This is why it’s often beneficial to paint a test area in the room or rooms you are planning to paint. One square inch of paint in a catalog, particularly when the page contains dozens of other colors, can look quite different in a bedroom where carpet, furniture and lighting can throw the color off significantly.

Take some samples home try them on several square feet of coverage where you plan to do the work. Let it set overnight, and take a look at it in the morning after you have slept on it and been away from it. What’s the very first impression you have when you look at it again in the morning? Is it darker? Lighter? People often have a different reaction when they see it afresh the next day.

Testing can add a lot of time to the project, but it’s not hard work. Getting the right color(s) for the project can turn a mediocre project into an excellent one. In multiple color situations, too, testing is critical.

Give yourself plenty of time ahead of the project. If you’ve booked painting contractors to come do the work, you don’t want to leave the color selection to the Friday before the Monday start to the project. Get the paint color selection done and dusted weeks before you expect it. Then, when the contractors call a few days beforehand, you are ready to go.

Quality paints are easier to use, and take less time

In the typical painting contract job, the labor is about 80% of the cost. Everything else, including the purchase of the paint, is the other twenty. And the difference in price between top quality paint and simply adequate paint is not that much. It’s worth it to get the right paint for the job, from a manufacturer with an excellent reputation. The work will go better, and the the result will be superior.

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