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How to Prepare for an Interior Painting Project

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Painting your inside walls is a cheap and easy way to upgrade your home. Without proper preparation, however, an indoor painting project could end up causing more trouble than necessary. Finding the right color, purchasing all the supplies that you need ahead of time, properly preparing your walls, and setting up clear expectations from the get-go can help you avoid many potential problems. Make this project as fun as possible! Changing the feel of a room is very exciting so make the project exciting too. Invite some friends over, put on some music, and order some pizza. Your home will be looking fresh and you’ll be having fun in no time. Here are a few steps that you can take to make sure that your project runs smoothly.

Find the Right Color

A dark color on your walls can make a room feel dreary and small. The right hue, however, can make a room feel cozy and intimate. Brighter colors can also liven up a room and make it feel light and airy but without careful consideration, they can make a room feel loud and in-your-face. This is why putting deliberate thought into your paint color is very important. Make sure that you and others who live in your house all agree on what feel you’re going for and what color is right for your walls.

Purchase All the Supplies You Need

The supplies make all the difference in a paint project. Poor-quality supplies can make an otherwise simple project very difficult and take much more time. Make sure to invest in high-quality supplies to make your project as simple as possible. The best brushes, rollers, and paint will help you avoid a headache later. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with shaky lines and streaky paint.

Prep Your Walls

Preparing your walls correctly is also an important step. Make sure that your walls are clean and all paintings and decorations are taken down. Cover up any immovable features on the wall such as light switches and outlet covers with plastic and tape. It’s much harder to remove paint than to prevent it from getting somewhere it shouldn’t have ended up in the first place.

Have Clear Expectations

You and any helpers that you have for this project should have a team meeting before starting this project to make sure that everyone has clear expectations to avoid trouble later. If you’re painting multiple rooms, it may be unrealistic to expect to finish the whole project in one day. If one person is good at one aspect of painting, such as edging, assign that person to do that task. That way, everyone will feel helpful and useful. Without clear expectations, people may feel frustrated and discouraged so don’t skip this step.

Painting the walls of a room can completely change the way it feels and proper preparation can make or break your painting project. It’s important to find the right colors for your room, buy all the supplies that you need, prepare your walls properly, and have clear expectations from the beginning. If you take a few steps before you begin, painting your walls can be a relatively quick and easy project. Enjoy your updated home!

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