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Re-energizing the Color in Your Space for Fall

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Before we know it, temperatures will start to drop and the colors of the leaves will begin their transition. Fall is the season of change, making it the perfect time to transition the colors in your home to fit the earthy and cozy vibes that accompany fall.


There are plenty of ways to change up your home and bring in the colors of fall without going overboard or taking on too large of a project, like adding an accent wall, incorporating unique decor pieces, or switching up your artwork. No matter how you go about changing your space for fall, consider these hues below to create a refreshing and colorful space!


  • Color affects people in different ways, but red is known for its ability to evoke feelings of passion and desire. Red is a radiant and energizing color, perfect for fall. It’s strong huge makes a bold statement in any room. Choose a crimson red paint for an accent wall in your office or kitchen. For contrast, keep the rest of the room neutral with white accent furniture–this will keep the space from feeling too dark.
  • Choose shades like “Autumn Maple” or other reddish-brown hues to associate rooms with harvest and fall. Consider using this red-orange hue to update the colors of your cabinets and make a statement that will be sophisticated and bold.

  • Yellow is a joyful color and is often associated with joy, happiness, energy, and intellect. It’s a great color for kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms, as well as in creative spaces. Despite its happy nature, yellow can also be a very frustrating color, so use it sparingly in hallways and interior spaces if you feel it is too bright for your taste.
  • Decorate with yellow gourds and flowers for fall. Re-energize your space with optimistic shades of yellow that will be uplifting and feel fresh for the new season. Yellow throw pillows are great for added texture and pops of color.
  • Orange is a great color for a kitchen or exercise room, and bright orange like fall leaves will add warmth and adventure to a space, however, when used excessively it can overpower a space. Use orange in your fall decor, whether it be gourds and pumpkins, or neat vases or geometric ornaments. Get creative and welcome orange into your space to create cheerful feelings.



  • Using brown in a space makes you and your guest feel cozy, intimate and relaxed. Incorporate this color into your dining and living room to help you relax and unwind. Brown has earthy tones that really highlight the fall season and add rich sophistication to your space.
  • Brown chairs and tables bring a rustic and warm look to a room with crisp white walls. Use this to your advantage and make your space feel inviting and warm. Add pops of color with floral arrangements and unique placemats.

  • Neutral colors are great because they pair well with almost any decor. They are also calming and look great in any room. Neutrals like tans, off-white, and grey provide all the cozy vibes you need for fall. Cream or off-white feel more inviting with their warmer tones. Grey is a calming color that won’t feel too chaotic in a space and will look great amongst other fall decor.
  • Place wood furnishings, like these tables found here, against a neutral wall to create a rustic and airy space. Drape neutral white furs across living room furniture or use them as seat cushions for your dining room chairs.

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