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Refresh Your Living Room with These Color Ideas

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April 18, 2018
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Most people know that color plays a huge role in emotion and happiness. Businesses have known this for years and have changed their marketing to reflect what they understand about the impact that color has on people. You can use this information in your home as well to update your living room. If you haven’t painted your living room in a while, then you may be looking at dull and uninspired colors that don’t excite you. Now is a great time to choose a new color that will brighten up this important room in your home.

Think Blue

When people feel blue, they are generally sad but a blue room is the opposite. While blue is a calming color with so many shades to choose from, it’s easy to make your room feel cozy with a deep shade or airy with a lighter blue. In addition, blue is one color that looks great with most any furniture from classic to modern pieces and won’t compete with the strong lines that some furniture has. Before choosing blue, it’s important to consider how you want to feel in the room as different shades will inspire different emotions.

Energize with Red

Red is not commonly used in living rooms but there’s no reason why this powerful color shouldn’t brighten up your space. It adds a lot of life and energy to your room and you will feel powerful and revitalized when you spend time in the place. Because red can be a little overwhelming, it’s a smart idea to use it on an accent wall, which allows you to use a bright and bold color without any fear of completely taking over the rest of the room. Since red can be tricky, you will want to bring home samples to find the shade that looks best with your lighting as you don’t want a red that will appear pink once it has been painted.

Get Moody with Gray

While light gray can tend to read a little neutral, similar to beige or a tan, charcoal gray is dark, moody, and stunning. You may be tempted to paint in on an accent wall the way you do with red but a deep gray can be used on all of the walls in the living room to make the space feel very cozy and intimate. The gray that you choose will be dependent on the natural light that the room gets but the right color is stunning. Gray is a very architectural color and will add a ton of visual interest to your living room even if the room itself is a simple box without a lot of decorative accents.

You can take control over your living room and its appearance by painting a new color in your space. Instead of living with the current color that you have, when you paint your living room, you will be giving the heart of your home a fresh and updated appearance. Choosing one of these colors is sure to spice up your space and allow you to reinvent the feel of your home.

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