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How to Repair Drywall Flaws for Your Painting Project

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Drywall is very commonly found in many houses across the country. Drywall is basically a thin panel that is pressed between a facer and a backer, and it is usually made from calcium sulfate dihydrate. However, despite being so common, you should know that drywall is extremely fragile. If you try to punch the wall with force, or you throw anything against it with just a little bit of force, you are likely to cause a crack or even a hole in the drywall. Repairing flaws within drywall is not as simple as it looks, and there’s no way that you can paint on top of the flaws.

Repairing any drywall flaws is an important step to take before you start painting the walls. If you do not repair the drywall flaws first, the paint will start peeling off of the region with the flaws. Here are a few tips for repairing drywall flaws before you start your painting project.

Purchase a Repair Kit

There are complete drywall repair kits available in the market that you can purchase from virtually any home improvement center, and that should be your first order of business. It will make repair work extremely easy for you. The kits contain pre-cut pieces that you can install around the standard electrical openings as well as to cover small holes. Thanks to the kit, you don’t have to worry about cutting holes in the drywall yourself.

Repairing an Oversanded Wall

A common issue that many people face is related to oversanded drywall, that is, if you want to smooth a drywall joint and end up sanding it too much. If you have sanded past the joint compound and the paper face of the drywall as well, you might want to consider repairing it first. If the damage is too extensive, you may have no option but to apply a new joint compound altogether.

Removing Wall Pops

Seeing drywall pops is relatively common in newer homes. They are most often caused when the nail pops out from under the drywall, thus removing the paint as well. You will need to carefully chip away any material that is not flush with the wall and the surface of the ceiling, and then drive screws back into the drywall in order to create a secure attachment.

Fixing Overcuts

Cutting a space for an electrical box might seem like a pretty straightforward job; you simply have to take the measurements of the box and use them to cut a hole in the wall. However, in many cases, people end up making too large of cuts, and that can become a problem to fix. Nobody likes looking at a gaping hole beside an electrical box, so you will first need to fill up the hole before you apply the finish. You can use joint compound to cover the area and then fill up the hole before applying a coat of paint. Let it dry and smooth over time.

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