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What Kind of Clean-Up Can You Expect From Outside Painters in Monroe?

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When you hire a painting contractor to come paint the outside of your house, you may wonder what happens when they’re finished. Will they clean up after themselves? What kind of tasks will be left for you to finish? Learn more about what the highest standard of care from outside painters looks like so you know what to look for in your contract.

No Paint Supplies Left Behind

Everything the painters used should be packed up and removed from your property. This includes all paint cans, brushes, rollers, trays and ladders, as well as any personal items like water bottles used to stay hydrated during hot weather.

All Protective Coverings Removed

Exterior house painters often use painters tape, tarps or plastic sheeting to protect certain elements of your home, such as railings, porches, light fixtures, brick chimneys and windows from paint splatters. These should be removed, packed up and taken away when the contractors leave.

Leave Your Property Looking Like They Were Never There

Whether it’s sweeping up stray paint chips from your driveway or screwing your brass mailbox back onto the side of your house because you didn’t want that painted, a good painting contractor will leave your property as clean as they found it, if not cleaner.

Do You Need Reliable Outside Painters for Your Monroe Home?

Rite Painting is a local company with decades of experience and built on the Rite Way of doing things–it ensures our customers always receive outstanding service every step of the way, whether we’re painting the outside of a house or the inside. We believe in using only top-quality paints and reliable methods for interior painting and exterior painting work. Our residential and commercial painting customers get our 7-Year Warranty, which far exceeds the state-mandated 1-year warranty other painting contractors offer. Contact us today for your free estimate and see why we’re one of the best outside painters in the area.

Our Outside Painters Complete Every Monroe Project With a Full Clean Up–You Won’t Lift a Finger

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