Will your company do total cleanup after interior painting job is complete?

Will your company do a total cleanup after the interior Bellevue painting job is complete?

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At Rite Painting, after every painting project is completed, we do a complete and thorough cleanup of everything involved in the project. That means, bringing your home back to the condition where no one would guess that any painting project had taken place, except for the superior and improved paint job itself, of course, which will improve the look, condition and value of your home immensely.

Starting Rite means being able to finish Rite

I remember when we named the company many years ago, I wanted to underscore our attention to detail, and our passion for delivering a top quality, value for money service every time we took out the paintbrushes. We wanted to use the word ‘Right’ and settled on the shorthand version of it. Its also a play on its meaning in ‘rite of passage’. Today, many years later at Rite Painting, we have served hundreds of families and businesses in their homes. We pay excruciating attention to detail, and have learned one thing for sure: a perfect project depends on an excellent start. That’s why we consider the prep work for the project the most important step. We cover what we need to cover, protect what we need to protect before we open the first can of paint.

In some houses, it might be a grand piano that needs to be covered completely, simply because it’s too beg a job to move it into another room. In other cases, we can simply move tables, chairs, couches and other non-fixed in place furniture and decorations. And some objects absolutely must be moved before the work begins. That includes paintings, wall fixtures, and so on, because we need to paint the wall behind those fixtures!

The Rite equipment means never having to say you’re sorry

It’s hard to imagine there would be a lot of difference between the equipment used in a painting project. I remember talking to a professional chef about the five thousand dollars she spent on a set of knives. I couldn’t believe there could be so much difference between an excellent knife and an ‘adequate’ knife. She asked me, rhetorically, would I slice through fifty thousand dollars worth of grade A meat using a twenty dollar knife? It’s not exactly the same with paint brushes and paint, but it is definitely similar. The brush end of a paintbrush is where it all happens. Depending on what material is used, dripping, being one example, can be reduced, and the fine control application of the actual paint can be improved significantly. It means that how the paint is controlled in its application can have a huge difference on the end effect of the project. A brush that doesn’t, for example, drip easily will leave fewer drip marks on the drop cloth, and fewer opportunities for through-soaking and other types of paint spills. It also allows the painter to focus on the details of the paintwork, and less on the collateral damage of the painting process.

Choosing the best paint brands for the job

Another great lesson from the decades of painting people’s homes and businesses is that choosing excellent quality paint can make a big difference. And it’s not always immediately. Most new paint projects look great – and a lot of that is actually due to the fresh smell of paint in your home – right after the project, but may not keep their magnificence for the years you want the work to last for. In a lot of cases, it’s because cheap paint was used.

Whether you hire a painting company to do it, or you choose to paint your house yourself, paying a few extra dollars for top quality paint is worth it. The small handful of top brands are well known to most people, add a few extra dollars to buy the very best paint will only add a few percentage points – even if you are doing the work yourself, you can factor in a cost for your personal time – to the overall cost of the project, but can have a profound effect on the finished quality. That’s not just in the finish feel, color quality and sheen of the paint, but your ability to take care of tiny details on the project. Quality paint is more forgiving, you will find. That makes it easier to do a better job, and in perhaps a little less time.

Quality paints tend also to hold their color for longer, and if they are exterior paints, they will weather the elements for longer before you house of business needs to be painted again.

Hiring a painting company saves money on equipment

There’s actually a lot of cost involved in basic equipment needed to paint a house of business. There are floor coverings that need to actually work! That is, if a drop of paint hits the covered floor, nothing seeps through to the carpet or other flooring it is there to protect. Good floor and furniture protection equipment must perform every time, or the cost of furniture restoration may come into the picture. A painting contractor will – or at least should, just as we do at Rite Painting – invest in basic equipment to perform well on every project, and last a long time. Even if it comes with a high price initially, this equipment pays over and over again, for as long as the equipment lasts.

Ladders, mixers, cleaners and perhaps vehicles

A painting company needs equipment. Having access to the right ladder – which means safe and flexible for those awkward high-up spots and corners – for example, means being able to do those difficult spots that home owners dread having to do. At Rite Painting, we show up at the beginning of the project with the best equipment available, and with experienced painting staff who have been with us for years.

The Rite Stuff

Even when we hire new crew members, they are outnumbered by our more experienced staff on every project, and are shepherded through their first painting projects under great scrutiny. It is, in fact, easier to apply good resources at the beginning so that the end results are excellent.

Preparation is everything. Everything is easier when the prep work is done properly. It involves cleaning and preparing surfaces to be painted – for example, in a kitchen the cabinets and walls must be thoroughly cleaned before any paint is applied, otherwise we might be painting over a thin layer of kitchen grease – as well as having the best equipment at arm’s reach the moment it is needed, or in the truck outside, ready for action when required.

We want to be around for many years to come. Just like our individual projects, we take care of our long term interests today by doing every job professionally and with almost microscopic attention to detail.

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